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Holiday Baking Box


Cross off holiday baking from your list of things to do and let The Lunch Moms do it for you! Each box will be nut free and will have an assortment of treats sure to please everyone!

Please note that the deadline date for ordering and the pickup dates, times and locations in the full description below.


The Lunch Moms is offering to do your holiday baking again this year so you can cross that off your list and focus on other fun things to do!  Each box of holiday baking will be NUT FREE and will have an assortment of treats such as butter tarts, maid of honour tarts, lemon squares, brownies, ginger cookies, shortbread, Nanaimo bars and some other fun baking treats. Everyone loved these last year!

Be sure to indicate your preferred delivery method (pickup at school or home delivery within city limits for a fee) during checkout.  If not completed, it will default to pickup at school.

For every box ordered, the Lunch Moms will donate $2 to your school. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Please note the following deadlines for ordering and pickup:

School Order Deadline Pickup
Armstrong Dec 3, 2020 Dec 10 11:45-12:45 outside the school
BX Dec 7, 2020 Dec 14 1:00-1:40 outside the school
Ellison Dec 4, 2020 Dec 11 12:45-1:45 outside the school
Harwood Dec 2, 2020 Dec 9 1:00-2:00 outside the school
Kidson Dec 7, 2020 Dec 14 12:40-1:40 outside the school
Lavington Dec 2, 2020 Dec 9 11:30-12:30 outside the school
Mission Hill Dec 8, 2020 Dec 15 12:20-1:30 outside the school
Okanagan Landing Dec 3, 2020 Dec 10 12:45-1:45 outside the school